Acupuncture for erectile dysfunction… How does it work?

The acupuncture is a practice of traditional Chinese medicine, originated 100 years before Christ, is considered curative therapy where small needles are used that are inserted in specific points located in the body to treat certain pathologies; To points are known as meridians, acupuncture treatments are designed to improve flow and balance along these; Today acupuncture has no limit on its treatments, it can be used to treat pain, stress, infertility, obesity, polycystic ovarian syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes and others. It is important to note that a large number of hymns currently suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, consisting of the inability to prolonged erections to maintain a strong enough mind to have a relationship and can be caused by several factors, there is now a wide variety of methods that allow to cure this problem as it is the method of the acupuncture for erectile dysfunction being very effective, also it is advisable the use of some supplements that can be of great help as it is the case of Testoultra.

acupuncture points for erectile dysfunction

Acupuncture for erectile dysfunction as the male member helps

The dysfunction can be caused by the presence of stress and poor circulation so it is essential that the man is relaxed when is having sex, as has been mentioned one of the most efficient method is acupuncture for erectile dysfunction. The experts in acupuncture makes reference that this practice is based on stimulating by means of certain points of the body that allow a self-healing, referring to this mention the existence of fundamental points that stimulate the man they are are the “ancestral muscle” (Zong Jin) and the “sperm chamber” located both in the area below the navel. In the lower part of the navel origin also points called Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Du Mai. The ancestral muscle (Zong Jin) is the term they assign to the penis, there being a very close relationship between the penis and the Chong Mai, if the latter does not flower, the penis is weak, so the Chong Mai directly influences the strength of the Erection, especially in the cavernosum corpus, because it is filled with blood in an erect state.

In the “sperm Chamber” the essence is stored or Jing, and is equivalent to the prostate, seminal vesicles and testicles that, seen from a more Western view, is where the sperm is generated and stored.

The experts also refer that other than Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Du Mai, there are other organs and meridians that are involved in erectile dysfunction, such as Liver, Kidney and Heart. The Liver’s point anatomically surrounds the penis and it can be affected if it is very stressed or irritated, preventing the energetic circulation in the genital area. As for the kidney explain that it is of vital importance to keep it healthy and excessive sexual activity maintained for long Periods can also affect the Kidney.

The Heart has its importance in the erection because it allows a good connection with Kidney, which in other words would be the endocrine contribution that comes from the brain and stimulates the sex hormones that allow us the correct process of penis stimulation, it is also Of vital importance that the heart is in a healthy state since it is the one in charge of pumping blood and a good circulation will help you to maintain better sexual relations. It is also important to mention that another supplement that is of great help is the called Rx24


Erectile dysfunction can be due to a variety of factors and there are many alternatives to cure it, but one of the most effective is Acupuncture for erectile dysfunction since it allows a self-healing effect by stimulating certain energy points, reducing stress, Improving circulation, favoring organs such as liver, kidneys and heart so you can have better sex and overcome the problem

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