Essential oils for animals

Snorts, hugs, and pranks are a lot of pet owners. But sometimes, in addition to unwanted hair and meowing, litter smells are added when your four-legged friend is doing the wrong thing. So to remedy this naturally, we have developed a synergy to spread to clean the atmosphere while spreading a fresh smell and flowers in your home. No need to punish your pet by putting it out! A few drops of essential oils to diffuse or put on cotton in strategic places will allow you to give a pleasant smell to the private sites of your pet.

aromatherapy for pets

Essential oils for dogs

Dogs have an instinctive knowledge of essential oils. If you put a drop of essential carminative oil in the palm of your right hand and a drop of essential oil insecticide in the palm of your left hand, there is a good chance that your animal will go lapping your right side if has a digestive problem.

Essential oils for cats

For the anecdote, cats are not only good pets; they are good for our mind as well. Indeed, among the many studies carried out in the context of human-animal relations, Dr. Friedmann (biologist professor in the USA) has highlighted the positive effects of the presence of a cat at home on the nervous system and the body and to relieve stress.

For old pets!

Is your pet dragging his paw? Arthritis, osteoarthritis and other rheumatism can be a real handicap for your pet. For a little age sickness does not rhyme with the barking of distress, we have developed a synergy of essential oils to soothe your dog. No need to take him to the physio, a small massage with essential oils and it starts again.

Essential oils are fantastic against fleas

We love and cherish our companions on all fours, but parasites that can accompany them, we do not support them!! Yes, they can be itchy and transmit various diseases. Beyond being a real nuisance for our animal, fleas and other ticks will proliferate in our home. Fortunately, essential oils will overcome fleas and ticks while preventing their reoccurrence.

Precautions of use

For animals, the usual precautions are the same as those for humans.

  • Respect scrupulously the dosages and recommended methods of use which may be different depending on the absorption routes indicated by your veterinarian/aromatherapist.
  • Do not use an essential oil on an animal baby. Your pet expects little ones or breastfeeds: it is recommended not to use essential oils during this period. Some essential oils can have an abortifacient effect or cut milk, even in atmospheric diffusion.
  • Do not use essential oils in epileptic, asthmatic or allergic animals. And never inject essential oils intravenously or muscularly.
  • Allergy: It is advisable to practice an allergy test before using essential oil. For this, apply a drop of essential oil (mixed with a drop of vegetable oil) in the fold of the elbow. If there is no reaction after 24 hours, you can use this essential oil.
  • Never apply essential oil to the eyes, the auricular, nasal and anogenital mucous membranes.¬†Accidental eye projection: Wipe the eye with a cotton swab moistened with pure vegetable oil or spill one or more drops of vegetable oil onto the eyeball. Do not clean with water!

Essential oils are not water soluble (do not dissolve in water). If you pour it into a bath or dish, they float to the surface and may cause skin irritation or burns. Always dilute them first (example in neutral liquid soap, vegetable oil, honey, liquid cream).

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