Serena Williams’s New Fashion Line is a Grand Slam

One of the world’s biggest tennis icons just launched her new fashion brand.

Serena Williams has being using her strength to empower women around the globe, ever since beginning her career in tennis. Now, she is reaching out to motivate us through a whole new medium – by creating her own fashion line.

Only one day after winning her first Grand Slam match after giving birth to her beautiful daughter Olympia, Williams announced the debut of her very own eponymous clothing brand called Serena.

Her fashion line was officially launched on May 30, 2018 and even though it has only being available for a few days it is looking like another Grand Slam for Williams.

Offering affordable prices that everybody’s pocket book will love – with prices ranging from $35 to $250. So far, only a 12-piece capsule has been released, but expect to see releases of Serena collection throughout this spring and summer.

The inspiration behind “Serena”

Williams stated that the main inspiration in creating her fashion line “Serena” was combining femininity with strength for today’s modern women. Her goal was to create clothes that made women feel confident and sexy. She wanted her clothing to feel comfortable yet be practical.

If you are imagining that Williams’s collection is all about athleisure-tennis wear, you couldn’t be more wrong. Her clothing brands steps into unexpected territory by vintage-inspired denim short skirts and body-hugging slip dresses. We are excited to see the release of the entire 75-piece collection during the next few months.

Williams admits that strength and positivity were vital in creating this new clothing line. She states that she had a special source of inspiration, her nine-month-old daughter, Olympia.

Williams wants her baby girl to grow up feeling good about herself and her body. Even though her little girl is still tiny, Williams says that you can feel the strength she has within her. She decided that she would send out this message to women across the globe to feel beautiful and help them bring out their inner strength.

Williams has hinted around to the possibility of some pieces for a baby-sized Olympians in the future.

Serena Williams fashion brand

What to expect from Serena William’s new collection

One of the things that surprised us about the new Serena collection was the fact there were almost no tennis inspired wear that is only acceptable to be worn on the court.

There was a long line-up of structured denim pieces, which included an adorable overall dress with chain straps (must have), high-rise jeans and world’s best looking mini jean skirt.

Williams stated that she is tired of seeing stretch denim on the market that honestly doesn’t flatter anybody’s body. She wanted to bring back the structured denim look, bring back what jeans used to be. So far we love what we are seeing with this new trend.

Williams took Instagram to launch her new collection to the world. You can order items on her e-commerce site. If you can’t wait to see the release of her future products, just follow her on Instagram for news updates.

Williams has wanted to swing into the fashion district for a while. She has had two loves her entire life – fashion and tennis. It has taken her more than 15 years to finally get them to co-exist with each other.

She wants to inspire you to believe in yourself so you too can reach your dreams. Given her success rate in the tennis realms, we can expect “Serena” to be her latest grand slam.

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