The 10 Infallible Tips: Enjoy Your Holidays Without Gaining a Pound

It’s the middle of SUMMER! Are you on vacation? Are you just getting here? Are you leaving? Are you staying for work all summer?

Be that as it may, we are in the middle of summer, a time in which the level of work activity normally falls and spaces are generated for other leisure activities, beaches, walks, meetings, dinners, holidays or not…

It’s a great time to project for September and the rest of the year. We relax a little bit and congratulations for that….

But this does not mean that we should engage in all kinds of food excesses and food decontaminations that lead us to lose the line we strive to work for throughout the year. Just because we’re on vacation for a few days doesn’t mean we have to risk our health at the expense of excess alcohol or impossible digestions. I invite you to enjoy them with lively and delicious food that will make you feel great.

I would like to share with you some ideas to help keep you in good shape and feel energized.

To be more likeable in the body we inhabit!

1 – Eat clean, a serving of good quality protein and many fresh vegetables digest wonderfully. And take it easy…. allow yourself to enjoy those foods, chew…

2 – Eat as many raw foods as possible: salads, cold soups, smoothies, juices made by you, pâtés, creams. The possibilities are many, with a little creativity you can enjoy the food with all its properties intact, here is a delicious recipe of salmorejo without bread!

3 – Enjoy complete salads during your holidays, with a great variety of green leaves, vegetables, sprouts, some fruit, seeds. Add a little small blue fish, seafood, turkey, egg or legumes. Remember to vary the dressings using orange juice, capers, mustard, sea water or whatever your imagination reveals.

4 – If you eat out, try to avoid overly elaborate preparations, fried foods, sauces and fillings. Try to avoid bread and desserts.

5 – If you go out for tapas some night, try to choose those that are less caloric, without frying or so many carbohydrates. For example: cockles, prawns, standard peppers, grilled cuttlefish, Galician-style octopus, pickles, scrambled mushrooms, anchovies in vinegar, sardines… and why not, a good gazpacho to accompany.

6 – As a snack between meals, eat whole fruits with your skin. Remember, if they are organic they will be much more nutritious and delicious.

7 – Avoid carbonated soft drinks and industrial juices containing tons of chemicals and sugar. Try green juices or a rejuvenating smoothie, which give you lots of vitamins and phytonutrients.

8 – Try to drink about 2 litres of water a day or you can also prepare this refreshing rehydration lemonade to drink between meals. You can crush the ingredients dry as a mojito and add the water:

  • Water 750 cc.
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 shot of sea water
  • Some stevia and mint leaves
  • 2 ice stones
  • Ginger slices

9 – For a snack or even breakfast if you wake up very hot, you can prepare a delicious healthy ice cream like this in just 5 minutes! Pure fruit, no added sugar, no dairy, no chemicals and full of flavor and vitamins!

10 – Very important: Remember to eat calmly, enjoying the moment, company and food. Chewing slowly will satisfy you sooner and you will eat less, as the brain needs about 20 minutes to send the signal to be satiated.

I hope you enjoy your vacation and summer!

how to not gain weight during holidays

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