Transform Your Love Life with These 10 Dating Tips

Dating can be downright depressing at times. After a couple of bad dates, it can be tempting just to give up and curl up on your couch with your cat and binge on Netflix, all alone! But believe us, dating can be fun and enjoyable, and a great date often leads to a great long-term relationship.

If your want to stop dating and start a serious relationship, then keep reading about how to stop sabotaging your dates. Sadly, nobody really teaches us how to date, which leads to one bad experience after another.

We want to help you stop this vicious cycle of bad dates, so we have compiled a list of the top dating tips to transform your love life into something wonderful. So keep reading to change your luck!

10 dating tips

Know your terms

These would be any instant deal breakers for you – he smokes, cat lover, cat hater, non-monogamist, etc. – just move on if any of these come up in conversation. When deciding which is non-negotiable for your future relationship, try not to be picky about physical or financial attributions, unless you really don’t want to marry a short man. Try and focus on the personality and character traits and other values that you appreciate.

Don’t exaggerate or lie

Stop trying to impress each other by over exaggerating the truth. Honesty is everyone’s most attractive feature. Any good relationship is based on trust, So, don’t lie or Photoshop your picture if you are using a dating app. One little deception leads to a pot full of lies.

Don’t stereotype

Sure, it is frowned upon to date someone who has been divorced or has children in their early twenties. But, changes are higher, of dating a man that has been divorced or has children, once he is older than 30. Keep an open mind to give a divorced guy a chance.

Throw the “calling or texting” rulebook out

Old-fashioned rules like wait 3 days for contact, no longer are in the rulebook. Times have changed, dating is no longer a rigid game but a quick, fast circus. If you want to call back, don’t fret about it, just do it within 24 hours. Many people now say that if they don’t hear back from their date within 24 hours, it’s not worth their time and move on to someone else.

Listen to your gut

You know that gut feeling that tells you that something smells fishy? If something seems a little off, listen to it. If your date can’t answer simple questions such as where he works or lives, the chances are pretty big that something shady is going on. This applies for his behavior too; if he is rubbing you the wrong way, believe us, its not going to get better.

Don’t overdrink

Watch the alcohol, especially on the first date! Getting a little tipsy can be risky and a complete turnoff, plus it clouds your good judgment, making it easier to make bad decisions. You want to make a genuine connection with your date, not mixed signals due to the alcohol.

Know your sexual boundaries

Sex complicates things. For this reason, it is necessary for you to understand your sexual boundaries and how far you are willing to go on the first date. Never let yourself be pressured into doing something you don’t feel comfortable with, just keep him interested in you.

Be engaging

Be the date you wish he was, by being engaging, friendly and put your cell phone away. Listen when he talks and ask questions to keep the conversation going. Never, ever start rambling about your ex.

Have fun

Dating should be fun; it is about meeting and getting to know new people. Relax, you might be getting to know the person who you, may or may not share your life with. Marriage is a commitment, dating isn’t, there are no obligations with dating. There’s no need to start planning your future together on the first date, you are just testing the waters to see if there’s something there.

Don’t play hard to get

Come on, the very fact that you are dating means you are available, so drop the act of playing hard to get. If you like the guy, there’s nothing wrong with flirting with him and letting him know you are interested.

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